Computer Restoration

Computer Restoration Services or “reformatting” is the process in which all information is wiped from your computer and a fresh install of Windows (or whatever operating system you are running) is installed on the Computer to return it to factory settings. This measure should be a users last resort as it typically destroys all information on the computer and all data is lost. Granted there are several methods of data recovery to day that can ease the pain of a reformat.

Computer Solutions LLC – Myrtle Creek, Oregon can offer you a full range of restoration services and system restore services that will take your computer back to the first day you took it out of the box. Any viruses, spyware or malware or any other damaging file you may have will be corrected by this process, giving you as the end user a fresh start.

If you own a major brand name computer, chances are you either have restoration disks or full versions of your windows software. If not, we can usually acquire them. Otherwise, we will restore using a Microsoft Windows Operating system disk that you supply, or we will acquire one at a small fee for you. If you purchase the operating system software from us, we will install it for you at half the normal price.

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