Home and Office Networking

Hardware, software, and peripheral installation are ever evolving subjects in the computer business. Everywhere you look there is “new” this and “improved” that. And with all this new and improved technology and programming, they change the standards on how things install and operate.

If you find yourself behind the curve and are having trouble with an installation, don’t fret. Bring your computer and its new hardware, software or peripherals to Computer Solutions and we will not only install it for you, but show you how it was installed and how to maintain it.

Hardware installations include things like RAM, hard drives, fans and heat sinks, as well as replacing cables, installing drives and other similar installations.

Software installations are programs that you may have bought which don’t work or won’t install properly. These could be Microsoft Works or Word, Word Perfect, QuickBooks, any games, reference works, or photo editing programs, for example. Peripherals are items such as printers, scanners, cameras and other external devices.